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SPRING into Art Making

With Spring just around the corner and the weather finally changing, it's about that time to get outside and get creative! Outdoor play is always fun, but when you add an art element to it, the play experience gets even better. There are no limits to art making, especially when you consider making art outside in the pleasant weather, with beautiful scenes and a cool breeze.

What is Outdoor Play?

Outdoor play is a way for children and adults to engage in physical activity outdoors. It's excellent for overall health as well as physical growth and education. While outdoor play allows children and adults to get more active, outdoor play can also include art elements that foster visual learning and creative thinking.

Outdoor Play and Art

There are a ton of activities you can do outside that get you moving and thinking creatively. Outdoor art and play comes in many different forms including theater, dance, puppetry, visual arts, music, and more! The options are simply endless for children and adults!

Here are a few ideas to get you and your family outside for some fun and engaging art experiences.

  • Theater: Get you and your family together to engage in performing arts outside! Charades is a classic theater game where players have to act out different words and phrases using only gestures! Although fun inside, Charades is a perfect game to play at the park, in your backyard or even on the beach!

  • Photography: Get your camera and go for a pleasant stroll outside. Research parks, trails, lakes and more that are just around the corner. Take in the scenes and literally ‘capture’ the moments! Not only does this allow you to get moving, but it also allows you to see all the beautiful scenes that are just a walk away.

  • Painting and Drawing: Nature has beautiful scenes all around just waiting to be seen… and turned into beautiful works of art. Gather your art supplies and find a relaxing place to set up your art supplies. Whether you plan on bringing a canvas and paint, or a sketchbook and drawing supplies, make sure you are relaxed and making art in nature.

  • Dance: Get your family or a group of your friends together and come up with some cool dance moves and choreography! With dance challenges sweeping social media, it's also fun to record your best moves to watch later! Dancing outside is a great way to learn some new moves out in the fresh air!

So as we approach Spring and the weather starts to warm up, consider taking your creativity outside! Enjoy the weather with your family, friends, or even by yourself! Use this time to relax and have fun!

Happy Creating!

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