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Surviving the holidays....creatively

Feeling the Christmas pressure? I'm sure lots of people can relate to that. As a parent of young children, I often battle the feelings to express my love via wrapped presents under a decorated tree and if I don't participate I'm in some way depriving my children from a common childhood experience. Have you ever tried to buy a Christmas Tree?! Those things are expensive! I joked privately that if I buy the Christmas Tree that would be everyone's Christmas gift. So how did I manage these feelings? Instead of not participating at all, I decided to reflect on what I wanted for my family and decided to be intentional in our activities. I realized that what's important to me is making memories with my family and doing something creative together. So before I decided to purchase my plastic prelit christmas tree on sale for $29.99, my family and I created our first Christmas tree together. We made a tissue paper tree!

It was cheap.

It was fun to make.

And it served its purpose as the "Christmas Tree".

Here is how to make a Tissue Paper Christmas Tree:

  • tissue paper (greens or whatever colors you want)

  • Tape (get the kind that won't destroy your walls)

  • Butcher paper

  • Gift bows and led lights


  1. Find an open space on the walls of your home

  2. Use your tissue paper to form the shape of a tree

  3. Use the tape to keep the tissue paper up

  4. Create your tree truck with the butcher paper and use your tape to adhere it to the wall

  5. Add your bows and LED lights to decorate

Easy and fun family time without the drama.

*Disclaimer: I created this Christmas standard early on in my children's life so beware of cranky older children with different expectations of Christmas based on your previous set standard *

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