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Using Art to support Vocabulary Acquisition

Whether you are supporting you kids as a parent, teacher, or tutor or are learning a new language vocabulary acquisition is a huge part of developing literacy in a language. Incorporating art making and visual aids into your practice helps with retention and application of vocabulary. Here are a few things you can do to support vocabulary acquisition.

Flash Cards with Imagery

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Flash cards are a great way to commit information to memory, we all have memories of cramming for exams using homemade flash cards- but did you draw pictures on them? Using imagery, whether illustrations or symbols, along with vocabulary provides our brain with multiple triggers to remember the word by creating an association between the image or symbol with the word/information

Vocabulary 4 Square

(image is linked to a PDF copy of this worksheet)

When tackling new words, completing a 4 square allows the learner to think through the word and how it is used by illustrating the word and using it in a sentence. Visual representations engage the brain in critical thinking about the context of the word and how to represent it which increases the brain activity surrounding the word solidifying it in memory.

Comic Strips/Narrative imagery

(Image linked to source)

Using the vocabulary word as part of the comic context or as the subject of the comic engages your brain in multiples ways to process and utilize the word. Associating imagery with the proper use of words in context provides a visual example and meets multiple modes of learning.

These strategies can be adapted to be more simplified or complex depending on the level of your learner. They can also be utilized when learning any topic! Lets get creating and learning!

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