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Art as Wellness for All

Creative Outlets Arts Center seeks to provide the community with opportunities and resources to engage in arts based learning and healing. 

Supporting Arts Education

All of our programs are uniquely developed by licensed Art Educators. 

After School Arts Programming

Creative Outlets Arts Center is teaming up with local schools and other local organizations to provide after school programming for students!

Our teaching artists infuse wellness practices into their instruction in order to teach students strategies for managing their mental health. They engage students in mindful creation to demonstrate the connection between creating and mindfulness, teaching students to build mindfulness routines to strengthen their emotional awareness. 

Want Creative Outlets at your school? Contact us today!

Professional Development

You can do it too!

Have Creative Outlets Arts Center train your teachers or teaching artists and enhance your arts programming! 

You will learn

  • How the Arts are connected to mindfulness and mindful behavior

  • How to infuse arts and wellness activities into any content curriculum

  • Strategies for incorporating arts and wellness practices into classroom structures and routines


All while engaging with art as wellness yourself!

Art Students
Lecture Room
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