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Watercolor Tangles

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

This journal prompt is all about being present in the moment and playing with watercolors!

What you will Need

For this exercise all you need is your sketchbook or paper, watercolor set, a cup of water, and pens or colored pencils

How do Watercolors work?

Watercolor paints are water activated so to begin you will want to use your paint brush to add a few drops of water onto the colors you want to use. This will turn the paint cake into went paint.

Lets Get Started

To begin, choose a color or 2 you want to use. I suggest choosing colors that are in the same color family like Warm (red, yellow orange) or Cool (blue, green, purple).

Think of a shape and begin filing your page with that shape using different colors from the color family you chose. You can mix the colors from the same family to get different versions. You can also get different tones of the same colors by using different amounts of water and paint or by adding layers of color on the same shape.

Notice how the paint flows from the brush onto the page. Notice how the colors are different or changing each time you paint. Enjoy the process of painting!

Once you have filled your page with painted shapes of different colors and tones, make sure they are dry by touching them lightly with your fingers.

Now, choose a darker pen or colored pencil. The next step is to fill each painted shape with a pattern or illustration. This does not need to follow a theme or even make sense. Again it is all about the process of doing and enjoying the way the pen or pencil is moving in your hand.

You can choose to leave some shapes empty if you like.

Notice how the pen or pencil goes onto the page. Notice the contrast of the color against the painted shape.

Lets Reflect

When you are finished take a step back from your artwork. Notice how all the individual moments you experienced with painting and drawing have combined to create this artwork. Notice how your breathing may have changed from the start of the exercise, how your body may have relaxed.

We would love to see your artwork from today, please tag us @CreativeOutletsArtsCenter and use #CreativeOutletsAC #COAC #COACJournal when posting!

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